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How your Diet affects your Skin

How your Diet affects your Skin

For years dermatologists have said that eating greasy food like pizza and french fries won’t cause acne. However I beg to differ. How you look on the outside is a direct reflection of what is going on inside your body. The age-old saying you are what you eat is so true as what you put into your body affects your skin. Some people can get away with eating a diet filled with processed, greasy, junk food and it have no effect on how their skin behaves. However if you suffer from acne, eczema, dry, and or dull dehydrated skin then this article is for you.

 A diet rich in nutrients

In order to have a healthy glowing complexion your diet should be rich in fresh whole foods such as leafy greens, berries, and antioxidants. Your body relies on nutrients to function. Hair, skin, and nails are the last parts of our body to receive any nutrients. This means your external beauty parts get the leftovers. If there’s not enough vital nutrients left to spread to those areas, the body makes do with the little it has. The results are brittle nails, hair prone to breakage, and skin that is dull and dehydrated.

Inside-out beauty

What you ingest on the interior is just as important if not more important than the products you use on the exterior. I’m a huge advocate for a healthy ingredient list when it comes to health and beauty products. Apple Rose Beauty’s products use natural botanical plant based ingredients. If you suffer from acne breakouts, uneven skin tone, and other skin issues try using some of the same ingredients found in skincare. Here at Apple Rose Beauty we use amazing antioxidants like turmeric, sage, and aloe just to name a few. By eating foods rich in the same antioxidants used in skincare you reap double the benefits!

The role of detoxing

To keep skin issues in check, I recommend going on a detox. Regular detoxing is excellent for the body as it helps remove excess toxins from the body that may show up on our skin. Everything we consume makes its way through our digestive system; whatever the body doesn’t need gets flushed out through our bowels and other organs. Too much waste in the body is toxic and our body’s job is to eliminate toxins as much as possible. If the body has an excessive amount of waste it will dispose of it anyway possible especially through our skin. Our skin is the largest organ. This is why acne breakouts are often the result of a poor diet and lack of hydration.

So how can you change that? If you want a beautiful glow from the inside out simple modifications in addition to regular detoxing, can bring about noticeable results. For example, consuming an abundance of dark leafy greens, berries, and water rich foods like cucumbers, you will start to see a dramatic difference in your exterior beauty. Eating a healthy balanced diet and drinking loads of water will make a positive improvement in your skin. Who doesn’t want strong healthy nails, shiny hair that grows, and skin that glows? I dare you to try changing your diet for a month and test your results. Within 30 days you should start to see some improvement.

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