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Our Story + Mission

Apple Rose Story

"Her name was Apple.  We met in the Red Light district in Thailand.  My team and I were working with an organization called Samaritan Creations in Bangkok, Thailand.  The organization went in to bars to talk to women caught in human trafficking and invite them to their safe-house and rehabilitation to employment program.  Apple was the first woman I met in the bar.  She was so happy to see me – one customer who wanted nothing from her but to talk about her life and her dreams; to be her friend.  She was forced into this situation through a variety of unfortunate circumstances.  Her mother had cancer and as the oldest girl she was responsible for taking care of her ailing and aging parent financially.  With little to no education and few options she decided to wait tables. She had to take several advances on wages to help pay for her mother's medical bills and fell further and further into debt to the bar owner.  Before she knew it, one night she was forced to service foreign men sexually.  Her mountainous debt as well as threats to hurt her family if she left held her captive.  Later that month my team met another woman in the bar called Rose.  Her story was similar to Apple's.  At the end of my month in Thailand I called Apple.  She told me she had built up enough courage to leave the bar.  I also called Rose.  She didn't answer..." - Kristy Alexander (Apple Rose creator)


These heart breaking interactions during Kristy's 11 month sojourn to 11 countries spurred the creation of Apple Rose – A natural and organic skin care and organic beauty company with a mission to employ human trafficking survivors and support organizations involved in their rescue and rehabilitation.



Kristy Alexander, Chief Big Heart at Apple Rose Beauty Natural and Organic Skin CareAt the peak of her decade long, fast track career in Engineering, Management and Business, Kristy left it all behind, selling her home and all her belongings to embark on a mission to travel the world serving the most needy in Central America, Asia and Africa.  She did hard construction at a women's shelter in Honduras, worked with children in garbage dumps in Nicaragua, kissed the cheeks of disabled children in Guatemala, loved on the abandoned elderly in Costa Rica, taught English to poor children in Cambodia, fed children in the slums of The Philippines, taught orphans to dream big in the mountains of Swaziland and befriended those forced into sex trafficking in Thailand and The Philippines.  It was her work with survivors of human trafficking in Asia that further changed the trajectory of her life.  She returned to the U.S. with a passion to help create opportunities and options for these survivors.

She always had a keen interest in natural remedies for healthy skin and haircare, often mixing formulas in her kitchen to tackle issues of excessive dryness or oiliness for herself and her friends.  During her travel across continents she frequented local natural stores and stalls trying new essential oils and local remedies.  Upon her return to the U.S., Kristy sought out chemists, skin care experts and green manufacturers who produce some of the most effective natural skin care products for high end spas in the U.S., to develop the cleanest, most natural formulations. She combined her heart to serve those in need, her knowledge and love for the health benefits nature affords us and her unapologetic drive for solutions that work, garnered from her Engineering career to create Apple Rose Beauty.  An unparalleled natural and organic skin care and organic beauty company with a big heart.  Support our mission while caring for your skin with our award-winning products seen here.