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Skin Tips for Colder Months

Skin Tips for Colder Months

I'm sure you've already felt the seasons changing. In the coming weeks it'll officially be Fall. This means cute sweaters, pumpkin picking, and the holidays soon approaching. Just like the seasons change our skincare routine may also need a change. 

You should always pay attention to your skin's needs not just seasonally but all year round. The colder months bring low temperatures and rough winds which can bring about dry air and dry skin. 


During the fall and winter months it's important to keep your skin hydrated. This is true even for oily skin. I have oily combination skin that gets dry during the winter. A good solution to dry skin during colder months is switching to a facial moisturizer that has good natural oils and or butters that lock in moisture and protect skin. Also when washing the face use lukewarm water instead as very hot water as that can lead to additional dryness. 


Exfoliating aids are great at sloughing off dead skin cells and revealing fresh smooth skin. If your skin gets dry and starts peeling try using a gentle exfoliating mask like the Charcoal & Hibiscus Exfoliating Mask. Not only will this keep your skin hydrated but also free of dry patches and breakouts. 



Investing in a good humidifier will ensure your skin stays hydrated. During the winter we stay indoors a lot with the heat on and although a heater keeps the body temperature warm it can also make the skin dry and difficult to retain moisture. I'm a huge fan of facial steaming and humidifiers as they create steam and ensure adequate moisture is in the air. 




Staying hydrated internally is also beneficial for winter skin. Hot drinks like apple cider, hot chocolate, lattes, and even certain teas taste delicious on a cold winter night but they can also be dehydrating. Drinking plenty of water is something that should be done all year long including winter. 

Following these simple tips will keep your skin looking its best throughout the Fall and Winter season!

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