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Caught on Camera?

Caught on Camera?
Did you know that you can save a life this Summer, even while you're on vacation? 
“You just enter your hotel room, and your room number. You take four pictures, and you submit them to the website,” Washington University Researcher and TraffickCam developer Abby Stylianou said. “And then those become part of the pipeline that law enforcement can use to track down where the victims are being trafficked.”
TraffickCam has built a database of more than 1.5 million images of hotel rooms across the world that police can query to determine where pictures of trafficking victims might have been taken, thanks to photographs submitted by travelers. The police can upload an image to the app and compare it against photographs uploaded by the traveling public, then use that information to narrow down a list of possible locations where the trafficker took the picture of a child being sold for sex. READ MORE

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