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4 Easy Ways to Practice Self Love For Valentines Day

4 Easy Ways to Practice Self Love For Valentines Day

Love and Romance are common Valentine's Day themes but what about Self Love? Can you truly say you love yourself? If so, do your actions and the way you treat yourself reflect love? Negative self talk and lack of proper self care are unhealthy, so this Valentine's Day show yourself some love in these 4 easy ways:


EAT- I've talked a lot about how proper nutrition is the best way to fight acne and skin issues from within. The foods you consume is also a reflection of your self esteem. If you're depressed or discouraged you may try to cope in unhealthy ways by consuming extra sugars, sweets and junk food. Love on yourself by trying healthy new recipes that nourish your body. 


THINK- As a person thinks so they are. It all starts in your mind. Remove that negative self talk by thinking good thoughts about yourself. Speak positive reinforcement over your life. Sometimes we may need a little help in this area. When was the last time you read a good book? I like to read inspirational books that not only feed my spirit but also help me to gain new insights on life. 


MOVE- Exercise is very important in self care as not only does it improve circulation in the body but it also releases endorphins and remove toxins. Getting your body engaged in some form of exercise helps ease tension and anxiety. If you're struggling mentally try incorporating regular movement into your self care habits. 

USE- I'm a big supporter of non-toxic beauty including makeup. Try using makeup products that treat your skin and not harm. This is what Apple Rose Beauty is all about; clean and safe ingredients. This week use the code: LOVE2020 to save 20% off any full size bottle of Apple Rose Beauty organic skincare on the website

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