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How Turmeric Changed Everything

How Turmeric Changed Everything


I love surprises, especially the good ones. We were pleasantly surprised to come across a blog recently, written by one of our beautiful customers who lives in Israel. I was almost brought to tears when I read her take on turmeric and the impact inside-out beauty has had on her life, as well as her love for our Turmeric + Aloe Moisturizing Treatment.


Here is an excerpt from her blog:

"I was drawn to the skincare benefits of Turmeric, and it led me down a path of exploration that was a lot of fun! You should know that I have naturally combination skin. (More tips on that to come!)

First of all, I discovered an amazing little skincare company, Apple Rose. This is a company that not only provides clean skincare products, but they also employ and work with trafficked women - which is a BIG passion of mine, so I was excited to try their sample kit.

When this arrived, I was excited to try it, and the first thing that hit me was that I didn’t smell like a curry! Neither did the yellow of the spice stain my skin! It is a rich cream that smooths, refreshes and feels luxurious but healthy!

I was hooked.

Now, I LOVE this skincare company (NO, this in’t sponsored! They don’t know I’m writing this) and would highly recommend each of the skincare products that come in this sample pack, I was just sad not to be able to order more due to international shipping! USA residents - GET IN on this company, and get some awesome products - AND help rescue women from trafficking!"

See Simcha's full blog

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