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Human Trafficking Survivor Speaks - Alyssa's story

Just five years ago Alyssa Beck never thought she would be working in finance and administration at Rethreaded, a non-profit organization in Jacksonville, FL.  Five years ago she was a victim of Human Trafficking.  Today she is a survivor and shares her story to pave the way for other girls.  Her goal?  "To show them (survivors) that there is nothing to be ashamed of and it is possible to heal."

Rethreaded is one of the organizations that you support with your purchase of Apple Rose Beauty organic skin care.  Your Apple Rose Beauty purchases support the fight to end human trafficking by providing life-giving work for human trafficking survivors and financial support for organizations involved in their rescue and rehabilitation. We partner with organizations around the globe to see true freedom brought to the lives of men, women and children trapped in this atrocious system of modern day slavery. We want to open your eyes to the impact you are making and share the amazing stories of lives changed by your support. This is the second story in our Survivor Story Series.  See the last story here.

Check out the interview, below, that Alyssa did with First Coast News

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